Fun Look: What if the Earth Really Were Flat?

Here's a fun video on the site Interesting Engineering, an episode of the series Imagine That. The title of this episode: "What would happen if the World Was Actually Fact?"

Spoiler alert: If the Earth were flat, you'd still be stopping by AAA before every road trip to get updated maps.

This is a fun episode and article that points out holes in the Flat Earther worldviews. One note, though: In fact, the first photograph of Earth from space was taken in October 1946.

A quick preview quote:

In a flat world, gravity would work differently. People in the center wouldn't feel this as much, but as you move towards the edges, a force would pull you towards the center, and walking towards the edge would start feeling like climbing a steep hill. But once you got up that hill, you would be the first person to explore under the earth and whatever Flat Earths believe is down there.

Give this video a watch remembering there really are people who believe the earth is flat, and probably some who claim to to make money.

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