Diulcindi, Inland Kingdom


Diulcindi. (Source.)

Duarte Barbosa (Ramusio). 1515.


Leaving the kingdom of Ormuz, from the mouth of the Sea of Persia the coast goes to the south-east for a hundred and seventy-two leagues as far as Diulcinde, entering the kingdom of Ulcinde, which is between Persia and India. It is a kingdom, and has a Moorish king over it, and most of the inhabitants of the country are Moors, and there are some Gentiles subject to the Moors. 

This king has an extended rule over the country in the interior, and few sea-ports. They have many horses. On the eastern side this country is bounded by the kingdom of Cambay, and on the west by Persia. It is in obedience to Sheikh Ismail. 

The Moors are white and coloured; they have a language of their own, and also speak that of the Persians and of Arabia. 

There is much wheat and barley in this country, and plenty of meat. It is a level country, with little timber. 

They make little practice of navigating the sea; they possess extensive sea-beaches, where there are great fisheries, and they catch large fish, which they dry and salt, both for consumption in the country and for exportation in small vessels to other kingdoms. In this country they give dried fish to their horses to eat. 

A few ships which sail to this country from India, bring rice, sugar, and some spices, timber, planks, and Indian
 canes, which are as thick as a man's leg. And in all this trade they make much money; and from this place they carry away cotton, horses, and cloth. 

A great river comes into the sea through this kingdom; it comes through the middle of Persia, and they say that it comes out of the river Eufrates. Along this river there are many large and rich towns of Moors. It is a very fertile and fruitful land, and very abundant in provisions.

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