Enrique in the News: Atlas Obscura

Kate McMahon, a freelance journalist, wrote this piece on Enrique of Malacca for the Atlas Obscura website. It's always exciting to see Enrique receive attention. His ten-year journey toured the very beginnings of colonialism from the first Portuguese foray into Southeast Asia in 1511 to Spain's 1521 arrival there from the other direction—Malacca to Cebu the long way.

Did an Enslaved Man Beat Magellan to Circling the World?

The unsung hero may have also been instrumental in defeating the colonizers.

"A SPOTLIGHT ILLUMINATES A BRONZE statue in the center of a room at the National Art Gallery in Malaysia. The figure depicted is squatting with ease, elbows on thighs, long hair draping his shoulders, and wearing clothes reminiscent of a pirate or early explorer. The plaque underneath the statue reads: 'In memory of Enrique of Malacca' …" Go to article

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