Ferdinand Magellan Biographies over Time

Magellan biographies by Joyner, Bergreen and Zweigm
Magellan biographies by Joyner, Bergreen, and Zweig.

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To get the full picture of a historical character's legacy, it is useful to read and compare biographies from the past alongside current works. The older biographies on this list are available free online and in multiple formats (see links), while the others can be found on Amazon and other websites.

The page offers short intros and links to biographies written by:

  • Tim Joyner
  • Laurence Bergreen
  • Stefan Zweig
  • Francis Henry Hill Guillemard 
  • Felipe Fernandez-Armesto
  • Hezekiah Butterworth*
  • Charles L. Johnston*
Tim Joyner's, titled simply Magellan, tells a compelling story while sticking close to the history and not over-sensationalizing. It also provides rich appendices with maps, explanation of the ships, a rich list of sources, notes, and more.

Guillemard’s work stands out among late nineteenth-century biographies of explorers (compare Butterworth), a time when circumnavigation was something one suddenly could do in just eighty days (a decade after Jules Verne's 1872 novel Around the World in 80 Days).

Find the page here: Ferdinand Magellan Biographies, Online and Print

* Worth a quick look for the writers' worldview and scope of coverage.

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