Enrique of Malacca YouTube Playlist

I have finally begun organizing the Enrique of Malacca Playlist of YouTube videos on the many parts of history that Enrique of Malacca traveled through on his first circumnavigation.

Enrique’s journey began a decade earlier following the sack of Malacca, when he was taken as a slave by Ferdinand Magellan. A teenager, he accompanied Magellan back to Portugal, then to Spain, and finally on the Armada de Molucca to locate a westward route to the Spice Islands (Moluccas/Maluku Islands). After locating and traversing Magellan's strait, Enrique survived that first crossing of the Pacific Ocean, and soon after, the expedition reached Limasawa Island (modern-day Philippines), where Enrique could converse with people, likely using Malay, the language of trade in Southeast Asia.

Enrique of Malacca witnessed first-hand the early colonial forays of the Portuguese (in Malacca) and the Spanish (in South America and the Philippines) half a millennium ago. He traveled from one to the other the long way.

Below are samples from the top of the list. See the playlist.

This video list is part of the Enrique Voyage project, ErriqueOfMalaccca.com, by John Sailors.